BeerSmith for iPhone and iPad Released

The BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing App has hit the Apple app store.  Works on iPhone and iPad.  It’s selling for $7.99.

Check it out Here


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3 thoughts on “BeerSmith for iPhone and iPad Released

  1. ATJSparty

    From what I’ve seen (which is just the video Brad posted on his site) and read, this doesn’t support inventory functionality. Which, for me, is the ONE thing I most want on mobile. I don’t mind creating/editing recipes on my computer and keep a log book for tracking brew day numbers. But, hate that I have to go on my computer to see what I have in inventory.

  2. David t

    It is stand alone although if you have the PC version you can access your cloud stored recipes and modify or use the timer on them. It’s a little tricky (complicated) to use at first but compared to other beer apps it’s well worth the money.

  3. philh

    Does anyone have any experience with this or the android version? I’ve been waiting to buy but wondering if this is a standalone program, or if the computer version is still necessary? Thanks


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