20 lb CO2 Tank + CO2 Tank Sizing Tip


At most steps in my progression as a homebrewer, I have consistently under-bought equipment.  For example, when I started kegging I bought a 5 lb CO2 tank.  After I realized I burned through those too quickly, I went to a 10 lb CO2 tank, then, of course, I went to a 20 lb CO2 tank.  That’s just one example, I’ve gone through the same thing in nearly every equipment area.  This has led me to the following guiding principle… when in doubt overbuy.

Anyway, back to CO2.  I learned in this progression of tank sizes that it was just a little bit more to fill up the next size tank.  15 to fill a 5 lb tank, 20 to fill a 10 lb tank and 25 to fill a 20 lb tank.  Filling a 20 lb tank vs a 5 lb tank, at those rates, equates to a 58% savings.  Also consider the gas and time you’re saving by filling up once instead of 4 times.  It’s been a while since I’ve checked the prices on the smaller tank sizes and, obviously, your supplier may be different.

20 lb. Aluminum Co2 Tank Compressed Gas Air Cylinder for Keg Beer

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2 thoughts on “20 lb CO2 Tank + CO2 Tank Sizing Tip

  1. EchoTony

    I’m in the group that says overbuy. I’ve gone through kettles, fementers, and now CO2 tanks.
    The time and effort to find cheap CO2 is clearly saved with buying a 20# tank for what is really just a few dollars more.
    t856 – thanks for the tip on CraigsList.

  2. thadius856

    This is very true. I bought one 5#, then a second 5#, and then jumped to a 20#.

    20# tanks are very common on CraigsList in my area, as they use CO2 for… growing flowers. I snagged a 11 month old tank that had only been refilled one, aluminum, for $65 full. Just one more place to look. 🙂


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