11 lb Digital Scale – 18 cents + $4.99 Shipping

The price on this scale has dropped to 18 cents.  Shipping is $4.99.

I have this scale and for the cost, I believe it’s an amazing deal.  In fact, it’s a Top Find!  Check out my review here.

5 kg/11 lb capacity digital scale.  This offers a resolution of .1 oz or 1 gram.

5Kg x 1g Digital Kitchen Scale Diet Food Compact Kitchen Scale 11lb x 0.04oz - 18 cents + $4.99 Shipping

Also consider these Top Finds:
For weighing grain. 55 lb capacity. Lbs/Kg. Tare, Hold, Auto Off. Removable Face for weighing larger objects (like buckets of grain)

Fast Weigh MS-500-BLK Digital Pocket Scale, 500 by 0.1 G

For accurately weighing hops, water salts, specialty grains and DME for starters.  500 g capacity.  .1 gram precision.  For accuracy, I recommend weighing hops in grams.  For simplicity, I recommend measuring yeast starters in metric.  See the Tips Page for more information.

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