Unboxing More Beer’s Pliny the Elder Double IPA Kit!

The homebrewing stork just left off a surprise bundle of joy on my front steps.  It’s the Pliny the Elder Double IPA Kit that I ordered from More Beer!

Lots of grain and lots of hops!  The kit includes both pellet and whole cone hops.  I’m excited to brew this beer!

The availability of this kit is touch and go.  The extract version of this kit went out of stock yesterday.  The all grain version is still available as of this writing.

Vinnie’s “Pliny the Elder” Double IPA – Extract Beer Kit KIT774 – $49.95 + Free Shipping with $59 Order

Russian River’s “Pliny the Elder” Double IPA – All Grain Beer Kit (Advanced) KIT776M KIT776U – $45.95 + Free Shipping with $59 Order

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3 thoughts on “Unboxing More Beer’s Pliny the Elder Double IPA Kit!

  1. Ron Johnson

    I could never have a keg of Pliny last from August until the end of March!! Maybe on the other 3 taps, but the Pliny is the first to be carbed and the first to blow sediment, whether it is the Morebeer recipe or the recipe that is abundant on the internet. Either recipe delivers a spectacular product.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s tedious to make, but the results are fantastic. I just kicked the keg of it that I made in august or so of last year and will be ordering again soon.

  3. JW

    Pulled the first fully carbonated pint out of the keg a few days ago – I haven’t had the real thing, but this is far and away the best homebrew we’ve ever made. We used the all grain kit.


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