10 Gallon Commercial Kettle

Professional Quality, NSF Listed, 10 gallon/40 quart kettle from Winware.

  • Dimensions: 14-3/5 diameter by 14-2/5 depth
  • Designed for professional use in preparing stocks, soups, and liquids
  • Made with standard weight heavy aluminum, with a reinforced rim
  • Product gauge: 3/16 (4.0mm-4.75mm), NSF Listed
  • Cover sold separately

Winware Professional Aluminum Stock Pots 40 Qt

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2 thoughts on “10 Gallon Commercial Kettle

  1. Anonymous

    This pot has a concave bottom that will not work with an electric stove since it doesn’t make contact with the burner. It is a high quality pot that would probably work great on a gas stove.
    For our electric stove I’ve found a cheap pot with a thin bottom that’s somewhat flexible works better because the contents of the pot will force the bottom to make full contact with the electric burner.


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