Nikobrew: Update: Centennial Rhizome Bundles – Less Than a Buck Per Rhizome

From Nikobrew:

Fellow Homebrewer:

We were recently contacted by a local farm (local to our Idaho Headquarters) to purchase their extra Centennial rhizomes. We have done so and are offering them in bundles of 50. We have hundreds of these bundles available so don’t be shy.

Price: $39 Per Bundle of 50 (.78/each)

Shipping (USPS Priority):
1 Bundle $11.30
2 Bundles $15.30
3 Bundles $26.60

As you can see, ordering bundles in increments of two ensures the lowest shipping cost per rhizome.

After you place your order you will receive a PayPal request for shipping charges.

Because rhizome bundles ship from a different location than all other products if you would like to purchase any other type of product a separate order must be placed.

Due to quarantine restrictions we are unfortunately unable to ship these to Washington or Oregon. Rhizomes cannot be shipped internationally.

Click below to order yours now!


-Niko and Crew-

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