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from Austin Homebrew Supply:

Want to make some mead but don’t want to commit to 5 gallons? We’ve got you covered. Introducing the 1 gallon Mini-Mead equipment kit and recipes. Right now we have a sweet and a dry recipe. Look for other recipes soon.

These introductory prices end Tuesday, March 26, at 11:59 PM Central Time or while supplies last.

New Mini-Mead 1 Gallon Equipment Kit – $29.99 $24.99

This 1-gallon equipment kit is perfect for making small batches of mini-mead.

This kit Includes:
– 2 Gallon plastic fermenter w/ drilled lid and stopper
– 1 gallon glass jug (secondary)
– 1-drilled stopper
– 1-3piece airlock
– 5 feet of 3/8″ siphon hose
– Racking cane with tip
– 20 Campden Tablets
– Yeast Nutrient
– Draw String Nylon bag for herbal Meads

New Dry Mini-Mead (1 Gallon) – $19.99 $16.99
The classic, infamously famous strong mead. Very dry and floral.

Additives: honey, dry mead additive pack
Included Dry Yeast: Lalvin EC-1118

O.G. = 1.087
F.G. = 0.990
Approximately 12.7% ABV
Makes 1 US gallon

New Sweet Mini-Mead (1 Gallon) – $19.99 $16.99
This mead is mild, with a hint of honey sweetness. Some commercial examples are Gibson’s and Chaucer Honey Mead.

Additives: honey, sweet mead additive pack
Included Dry Yeast: Red Star Cotes Des Blanc

O.G. = 1.116
F.G. = 1.018
Approximately 12.8% ABV
Makes 1 US gallon

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