Hands On: 1 Liter German Made Flip Top Glass Growler

I ran across this on Adventures in Homebrewing’s website the other day and ended up picking one up.

If you have one of the 2L German made growlers, You’ll notice the closure is identical.

1L and 2L Height Comparison.

Side by side

In comparison to a standard growler.

These are really well made.  I’ve been very happy with the 2L version that I’ve had for quite a while.  I was glad to see that the 1L is just as sturdy and well built.  I’m also happy to have the additional size option.

A note about shipping:  Adventures in Homebrewing typically has reasonable actual or close to actual shipping rates.  This, of course, is going to be dependent on where you live in relation to their location in Michigan.  For me, this growler shipped for $14.  I will say that this is glass and they double boxed it and packed it very well.  I’m guessing that’s part of the reason for the shipping charges.

Brown 1 Liter Growler – $16 + Shipping

Brown 2 Liter Growler – $30 + Shipping

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