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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Drinkable History, Kindle Edition - Free

Drinkable History: Easy Recipes for 3000 Year Old Hard Cider, 1500 Year Old Mead, and 1000 Year Old Ale [Kindle Edition] $3.99 FREE

Also Consider: Homebrewer's Library selection of homebrewing and beer books.

Kindle Edition books can be viewed on your Kindle device or on free reader applications available for your smart phone or computer.

A note about free Kindle book prices... These change.  As of this posting, this title is completely free.  If you see a different price or if it's free to borrow for Kindle owners that are Prime members, the price has changed.


  1. I'm seeing a lot of bad, 1 star reviews. Has anyone read this book yet?

  2. I just "bought" it. If it's bad, I'll ask for double my money back. :)


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