Cuisaid 11 lb Digital Scale


11 lb Capacity.  Tare feature.  Reads in Grams, Ounces, Kilograms or Pounds.  Easy to read LCD Display.

Cuisaid ProDigital AccuWeigh Kitchen Scale With Cuisaid Calorie Guide 11 Lb. Capacity 

Some Reader Feedback:
EchoTonyGot this one, thanks HBF! Scale seems very accurate. I used this to break up some bulk hops. Great unit. Made my bag, put it on the scale, hit the Tare button, zero’d out, and then added the hops. Eazy. The stainless tray is nice, has a small lip to stop things from rolling off. Uses two included (GP brand) AAA batteries. This is much better than button cell batteries for price and length of use. Should last a long time with these batteries and can be replaced with my eneloops. The 3 minute auto off is great. Just the right amount of time to stay on, but still turns off automatically if you forget to shut it down. GREAT FIND.

JeremyI have this scale and I really like it. Even after I warped the plastic casing by getting it too close to an open flame, the scale still works correctly. I use it to weigh hops and grain. Works fine for both.

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