Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans


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AndyI used 6 of those exact beans soaked for 5 days with some oak chips and added it to 10 gallons of imperial porter at kegging… the beer was harsh when I first carbed it, but after 2 weeks of mellowing/aging it has become one of my favorite home brews of all time. Also used the beans for some home made caramels and vanilla sweet potatoes… great beans with great flavor.

Premium Bourbon-Madagascar Vanilla Beans Plus FREE Pure Organic Ground Beans (14 Beans)

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6 thoughts on “Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans

  1. Anonymous

    Got my vanilla beans in just a few days ago. Packed well, in airtight plastic, and they actually threw in a free pack of organic vanilla powder which quickly went into an aging oaked stout. These beans look great, and the cost was half of what I paid on my last order from another popular site. Good find!

    1. Chris Brewer

      That’s what it was showing at the time of this post. You’ll notice that the post reads “Shipping appears to be $3.97 regardless of quantity”.

    2. Chris Brewer

      I see where there may be some miscommunication here. I meant regardless of quantity in the sense of – it ships for $3.97 whether you pick 7,10,12 beans, a quarter pound, etc. I didn’t try to order multiples of one particular quantity. That may be what you’re saying.

    3. Timothy Gracia

      I tried ordering 2 sets of 7 and it tried to charge shipping twice…. So I jumped up to the 14 beans order to pay the flat rate once.

      I’ve been talking about wanting to do a vanilla/bourban oak stout for a while and you just made me pull the trigger. Thanks.

    4. Vance Tullier

      10 beans seems to be the sweet spot at only 63 cents more. 7 beans are 43 cents a bean. 10 beans are 36 cents a bean.


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