American Weigh DIA20 Milligram Scale

This scale weighs to the nearest 1,000th of a gram, otherwise known as a milligram.  That’s crazy.

This scale is high on precision, but low on capacity.  It can only weigh up to 20 grams.  That’s less than an ounce which is around 28 grams.  

Realistically this scale is going to be helpful in two situations.  First, for accurately weighing water salts.  Second, this would be a great hop and water salts scale if you’re a small batch brewer and you’re generally adding less than 20 grams of hops at a time.

This scale can be calibrated and includes calibration weights, tweezers and batteries.  Backed by a 10 year warranty.

American Weigh DIA20 Digital Carat Scale, 100 by 0.005 CT

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