6 Way CO2 Splitter – Other Sizes Available

Commercial quality CO2 Splitters, 2, 3, 6 and 9 way.  Shut offs have built in check valves.

2 to 9 Way Brass Body CO2 Distribution Manifolds: 2 Outlets

1___ball_lock_keg_system_with_picnic_front_aihPictured: Ball Lock Kegging System from AIH

Tips and Gear for Your Kegerator.  A collection of tips, how-tos, reviews and gear to help you put together a kegerator to serve your homebrew.

How To’s and Tips:

Kegs, Kegging Systems and Keg Repair Parts:

Faucets, Tap Handles and Drip Trays:

CO2 Regulators, Manifolds and Gear:

Temperature Control:

Gas and CO2 Tubing, Fittings, QDs and Clamps:

Growlers, Filling Growlers and Portable Serving:




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40 thoughts on “6 Way CO2 Splitter – Other Sizes Available

  1. Anonymous

    Has anyone heard anything back from SocalHomeBrew? I had sent the email and got the response about being added back to the list. Just nothing since then.

  2. Anonymous

    I just heard back from SocialHomebrew:
    I am very sorry. For some reason I got 177 orders in an hour when I usually sell a dozen of these per week. I will add your name to the back order list and will honor the price later when I get these back in stock.

  3. JC Tetreault

    My order for a 9 way was cancelled as were my friends who also placed orders. I placed an order at 9:40AM (EST). Quite annoyed w/ SoCalHomebrew. Stock was 20 when I placed my order.

    1. JC Tetreault

      Just sent an email in to SoCalHomebrew, asking that they make good on this (meaning, sell the manifolds for the price + shipping described, not some ‘consolation prize’ like a 10% discount coupon on a future purchase).

      hopefully they respond favorably.

      what a snafu.

    2. JC Tetreault

      Tried calling their phone number…got an automated message saying they aren’t taking incoming calls. WTF.

  4. Anonymous

    My 6 way was canceled, but after I ordered mine a friend ordered 2 3 ways and got an email that his were shipped.

    Is anyone getting the 6 ways or 9 ways shipped?

  5. Brent The Brewer

    Mine was canceled too. I only ordered one and when I ordered it said there was 20 in stock. If this isn’t resolved, I’ll be sure to make sure my local homebrew club and those in the community don’t do business with SoCalHomebrew in the future. Seems shady.

  6. Random Awesomeness

    Canceled for me as well…..Really pisses me off that they can’t be honest about it and say there was a price mix up I can accept that…but saying its out of stock…but still have it listed showing 18 in stock at the current price really pisses me off….and Also I was charged right away and now have to wait a few days to see if I get credited back…..Amazon usually you don’t get charged until it ships….

    1. Chris Brewer

      I sent socal an email. Hopefully, they’ll get back to me with some more information. Just because Amazon shows this as available doesn’t mean that socal has it. The current reseller, at least for the model that I just looked at is kegworks. Kegworks has some, but (again for that model) socal doesn’t show as having any. That doesn’t mean they don’t physically have any in their possession, but it does mean they’ve set their stock to 0 on Amazon.

    2. Random Awesomeness

      I sent an email as well….Being charged without shipment is what I’m the most pissed about..Hopefully they will respond to my email and try to make it right

    1. Chris Brewer

      I’m not saying you shouldn’t have ordered more than one, just wondering if there is a pattern.

  7. Anonymous

    I had ordered one of the 6 ways and got an email tonight that my order had been canceled. That happen to anyone else?

    I’m calling BS.

    1. Anonymous

      cancelled on me as well – I ordered at 9:35AM that morning… I am calling bs as well.. I jumped on this

    1. TheDarkSide

      Ok. I was just wondering since the $19 3-way is different than the other ones on sale. The others look like they are larger (5/16″ or 3/8″) barbed than the 3-way 1/4″ barb.

      Ordered one, so I guess I’ll find out.


  8. Nick V

    Yeah I see that now. That’s extremely deceptive of Amazon to auto-link to the next cheapest one. Took me a sec to figure out it was from a different vendor.

    Got a 3-way. Damn, what a shame. That 9 way woulda been killer.


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