1/2″ NPT Stainless, Full Port Ball Valve

1/2" NPT 304 Stainless Steel Valve - Full Port 1000 WOG

1/2′” NPT full port stainless steel ball valve.  Operating range -60 to 450 F.  2 piece body.  Individually tested.  Heavy Duty Locking Handles with blue vinyl insulator.

1/2" NPT 304 Stainless Steel Valve - Full Port 1000 WOG

1/2″ NPT 304 Stainless Steel Valve – Full Port 1000 WOG

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5 thoughts on “1/2″ NPT Stainless, Full Port Ball Valve

  1. Kevin Flynn

    just received mine, i had ordered these before they were featured and cognizant of the above post. mine came with no oily residue. they are a bit stiff but even three or four valve turns helped. a little backing off the nut should help quite a bit. i have no issues with these so far..

  2. Anonymous

    Seem to be the same price (or slightly lower), same model number, direct from china on ebay.
    not sure what the rubber/plastic seal in them is though.

  3. Jessie


    There is NO WAY these valves are rated for foodstuff! I ordered 1/2″ couplings, adapters, quick disconnects, and these valves for my homebrew set up thinking I’d be ready to brew but boy was I wrong. Unlike the other items I ordered, these valves arrived coated in and smelling like oil/grease. I tried hot water with dish soap, laundry soap, and even Alconox (which can cut through anything) to clean these and they still smell. My next attempt to cleaning these will be to completely disassemble the valve and try to scrub all the parts clean.

    Also, as mentioned by another reviewer, these valves arrived very tight, to the point that is was a little ridiculous and not usable. Only after multiple washes and backing off the packing nut was I able to free them up to a reasonable level.

    I bought 6 thinking I’d save some money but instead I wasted a lot of time and will have to toss these and buy 6 more from from a home brew supply store if I can’t get them clean. So unless you like oily tasting beer or any beverage for that matter, DO NOT buy these valves.


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