Taprite Two Pressure Regulator, Made in the USA


Two Pressure Regulator by Taprite.  0-60 gauges for each keg.  High pressure gauge reads 0-3000 PSI.  Shut off’s for each line.

A two pressure regulator gives you the ability to keep kegs at different pressures.  This is a requirement to maintain two distinct carbonation levels.  It’s also handy if you want to force carbonate a keg more quickly, at a higher pressure, while maintaining your standard serving pressure on a keg that’s already being served.

As of this posting, Taprite products are Made in the USA.  See: About on Taprite’s Website for current information.  Print screen 8/8/17

Update: Since this post was published the price, availability or promotion has changed.  Check the product page for current description, price and availability.  Also: Today’s Deals on Amazon

TapRite Separate Pressure Adjusting 2 Product CO2 Regulator

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