It’s Back: Midwest Living Social Equipment, Ingredient and Gift Certificate Deal!

It’s been a while, but… the Midwest Living Social Deal is finally back!

This is a great deal!  This deal is also a great time to encourage prospective brewers or add to your own capacity.

You get:

  • An equipment kit.  This includes a 6.5 gallon fermenter, 6.5 gallon bottling bucket, capper, racking tube, all necessary tubing, a hydrometer and more.
  • An ingredient kit.  Choice of an Irish red ale, an Amber Ale, or an Irish Stout ingredient kit.
  • Instructional DVD
  • Bottle opener
  • $25 Gift Certificate toward your next recipe kit!


Midwest Supplies Hardware, Kit and Gift Certificate Living Social Deal – $64! + $12 Shipping

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4 thoughts on “It’s Back: Midwest Living Social Equipment, Ingredient and Gift Certificate Deal!

  1. John Croucher

    Is anyone still looking to buy this deal? If so, could you help a fellow brewer out and message me first? If I get three people to buy this deal through me, I get mine for free. Currently, I have two people. My email is

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry, not to be a pain, but why wouldn’t you help out all fellow brewers and do the following if the above is true:
    Find 3 people = 1 free; therefore 4 kits = cost of 3 kits
    So, 3 kits * ($64+12) = $228 (probably + $12 shipping for the fourth), therefore = $240. Then divide by 4 people = $60 each.

    This seems a hellovalot more fair. I’d be in if this were the case, and I could probably find more people interested…


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