Hands On Review: Weighmax 4819 55 LB Capacity Digital Scale

The Weighmax w-4819 digital scale has a capacity of 55 lbs.  It includes both an AC adapter and batteries.  Displays in lbs and kilograms.

This has the Tare feature.  Tare allows you to zero out the weight of the receiving container so that you can get an accurate reading of just the contents, in our case grain.  In my opinion that’s required feature for a brewing scale.

As you can see from the picture above, this scale will accommodate a 5 gallon bucket while still allowing you to easily see the LCD display.  That’s a good thing.

Accuracy on this scale was good.  It’s reading 150 grams with 150 grams of calibration weights on it.

Weighing a 10 lb bag of grain.  It reads slightly high, but that’s probably right on the money as homebrew shops usually give you a little bit extra for your money.

The manual for this scale.  Notice that you can calibrate this scale if you’d like.  Just pull out your 30 lb calibration weight and follow the directions.  Yep, a 30 lb calibration weight.  You’ve got one of those, right?  I know I don’t.

Auto Hold:  I don’t find this documented anywhere, but this does have an auto hold feature.  That freezes the scale weight after x number of seconds.  It’s designed to help weigh large items.  The idea is, you will weigh the item and then remove it to be able to read the weight.  This is a notable downside of this scale for homebrewer use.  You have to act quickly to get the grain in your bucket, otherwise, the scale freezes at the wrong weight.  You could get around this by having an empty bucket available.  Fill one bucket with grain, put the other identical and empty bucket on the scale, hit tare and then quickly swap the buckets.

Bottom Line:  This is a fine scale for weighing packages.  The auto hold feature makes it less desirable for grain.  If you can get a screaming deal on this it may be worth it.  Otherwise, my suggestion would be to go with a different scale.  Check out the section below for other options.

Weighmax Digital Postal Shipping Scale 55 Lbs

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2 thoughts on “Hands On Review: Weighmax 4819 55 LB Capacity Digital Scale

  1. Doug Rector

    After drowning my old reliable shipping scale I was forced to use one with the hold feature to weigh with – it was a nightmare. I just ordered this one from ebay – shipping from california, no hold feature I can see and a 1′ square platform with remote readout. It is only accurate to .05 lbs (8/10 of an ounce) so I wouldnt use for weighing hops – but should be fine for grain and I doubt if I will overload it.


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