Hands On Review: 32 OZ Mini Growler, Growlette

I picked up a couple of these 32 oz mini growlers.  Sometimes called Growlettes.  I liked the idea of having a smaller size.  A half growler size gives me the option of bringing less beer along or the option to more easily bring more varieties of beer.

For size comparison:  Next to a Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA long neck.  A lot of times I’m thrown off by the size of an image as it appears in stock photos.  For some reason these seemed like they would be about the same size as as stubby bottles from breweries like Peace Tree Brewing.  Of course, that was silly since 32 ounces is going to take about about 2.7 times the space as 12 ounces.

 Included lid.  I pressure tested this for several days by keeping the growler full of beer and periodically shaking it up.  It held pressure like a champ.  Yay.

In front of my German made 2 Liter Growler

Side by side

Side by side with a more standard shaped Northern Brewer growler

Top Down

Stock Photo

I’m very happy with the build quality, size and function of this small growler.  I like having the ability to take smaller quantities of beer along.

Glass Growler Bottle 32 Ounces 1 Amber

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5 thoughts on “Hands On Review: 32 OZ Mini Growler, Growlette

  1. David Watson

    I’m in the Cleveland, OH area, and you can buy “half growlers” that look like this from Heinen’s for $2. I’m not sure if the lid is quite the same, but the bottle itself appears to be. Haven’t tried storing anything for an extended period, but they worked just fine going from my taps to a friend’s house.

  2. Chris Banker

    AleSmith (in San Diego) has started to use these as an option for smaller fills and for limited releases. They have been selling the empty bottles for $5, which is a very good deal considering you don’t have to pay shipping and can get it filled with special releases when they are available.

    Note: when AleSmith first started using these, the first batch had problems with the bottoms of the bottles breaking. Those issues have been resolved, but I’m not sure which version these online shops are selling.

    1. Chris Brewer

      Northern Brewer sells a branded version of this. I think (but am not completely sure) that this is the same bottle. If it is, I know they sell spare caps. Those replacements are slightly different from the ones I had included with my bottle. They look more like standard growler caps.


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