Draft Beer Line Connectors


You get a beer nut, a barb (for 3/16″ ID Tubing), a Beer Washer and a tubing clamp.

Connectors for Beer Lines

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3 thoughts on “Draft Beer Line Connectors

  1. Paul

    You have to look into the other offers, its just one page away and is a list of the other vendors who sell this same set, one of the “other vendors” sends this deal.

    The problem is though they charge you 4.99 on every set you order.. I wanted 4, but the total after shipping is 24.28…

    someone help me if I’m overlooking how to consolidate shipping, but if there isnt this isnt really a deal unless youre buying just one

    1. Chris Brewer

      I played around with this for quite a while and thought I had a workaround using the More Buying Choices, but the change in shipping price is what makes this a deal killer. Originally it was $4.99 flat rate, but it’s changed to $4.99 per item. That must be why Amazon’s system is choosing the $3.81 option.


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