7.5 Gallon Kettle and Propane Burner

30 Quart/7.5 Gallon Kettle, 45,000 BTU Burner and Thermometer from Brinkmann

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Facebook Friend James: The Brinkman has served me well. Easiest and cheapest 5 gallon system to get into. I’m in the midst of expanding to a keggle system, but recommend it.

Brinkmann 815-4001-S Turkey Fryer

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One thought on “7.5 Gallon Kettle and Propane Burner

  1. Anonymous

    This looks exactly like the Brinkmann turkey fryer I bought locally at a Home Depot or Lowe’s when I was starting out. It works well as long as you keep a couple things in mind:

    1.) It’s got a safety circuit on it that caused me fits the first time I used it. It kept wanting to go out. However, you can find instructions online about how to disable it, or you can use a couple bricks (with a spacer between, creating an angle) underneath it to keep it pressed the whole time, like I did. (It’s the red button visible in the front of the picture near the gas line where it enters the body of the stand, poking down below the drip pan.) I figured it might be handy as a quick shut-off, activated by kicking the bricks out of the way.

    2.) The 7.5 gallon pot is *really* tight for a full batch. It’s not too big of a deal, and I sometimes boil a few quarts on my stovetop for the first part of the boil in order to keep the pot from getting too full.

    Otherwise, it’s a great little combo.


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