6 Pack of Stir Bars

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Product Features

  • Dimensions in Inches (length x diameter) 1″ x 5/16″ 
  • Dimensions in mm 25×8 
  • Inner Material Alnico V Magnet 
  • Outer Material Inert PTFE Coating 
  • Sold As 6/pk

Magnetic Stir Bar Octahedral 1″ x 5/16″ 6/pk

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2 thoughts on “6 Pack of Stir Bars

  1. William Watson

    Just got my delivery and the envelope only had 1 stir bar. I’ll be contacting them to see if 6/pk doesn’t mean 6 to a pack, or if they shipped them all separately, but the package I received only has 1.

  2. Anonymous

    I ordered 3 stir bars & a Pyrex Erlenmeyer Flask from this seller (Scientific Equipment of Houston) back in Nov. Shipped fast and Very Happy with everything.


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