The American Book of Craft Breweries Kindle Ebook – Free, Save $9.99

This normally sells for $9.99.  It’s been marked down to… FREE.

The American Book of Craft Breweries - $9.99 FREE

Kindle Ebooks can be viewed on your Kindle device or on free reader applications available for your smart phone or computer.

A note about free Kindle book prices… These change.  As of this posting, this title is completely free.  If you see a different price or if it’s free to borrow for Kindle owners that are Prime members, the price has changed.

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3 thoughts on “The American Book of Craft Breweries Kindle Ebook – Free, Save $9.99

    1. Chris Brewer

      Both are probably true. :) I’m going to stick with these, referring to prices. I usually add that note because invariably the price gets jacked back up. Right after that, I get comments telling me I’m wrong.. It’s not free.

  1. jbakajust1

    As a heads up to anyone thinking about grabbing this… So far (I am into chapter 2) this guy is off on a lot of his information and there are quite a few glaring typos. Be aware that this might be free, but you might be getting what you pay for. He describes IIPA as a malty beer and an American attempt at Russian Imp Stouts (really???) and makes no comment on hops or bitterness. He talks about adding malt to yeast slurry. I haven’t read it all yet but quite a bit of the info in chapter 2 is extremely flawed.

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