Reader Feedback: STC-1000 Dual Stage Temp Controller – $19.99 Shipped

The STC-1000 is a very popular homebrewing temperature controller.  You could use this to control the temperature in the kegerator/keezer or to control fermentation temperature.  It is dual stage, meaning that it can control a cooling and/or a heating source.  It’s digital.  At $19.99 shipped it’s also an amazing deal.

Some feedback on this controller from HBF Readers

Jason says: Great controller!  Love mine.
Jon says: I’ve built two controllers with these units.  They work great.
Chris says: Mine works great.

It’s worth noting a couple of caveats on this controller.  First, it is unwired.  You’ll need to do some basic wiring to get this up and going.  If you must have a pre-wired unit, check out our temp controller roundup post.  Second, these are available through several sources.  Make sure to get an appropriate voltage model.  I would say the majority of these are solidly 220v.  That model won’t work great for most of our readers.  Third, to my knowledge, all versions of this read in Celsius only.

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via eBay.  This is a “Buy it Now” item from a seller (360leway) with good feedback. 10+ are available.  The item and seller qualify for eBay Buyer Protection.

5 thoughts on “Reader Feedback: STC-1000 Dual Stage Temp Controller – $19.99 Shipped

  1. Drew

    I also built mine using the tutorial on HBT. Think it took $5 in parts beyond the controller. Working great so far.

    1. Chris Brewer

      This is going to cycle on and off whatever you hook up to it as long as the power requirements are within the specs of the STC-1000, you should be good to go.

    2. Scott

      Just to clarify-
      If you’re talking about a heating element to heat air like a reptile heater or paint can heater, then this is perfect. If you’re talking about a water heater element to heat liquid, even if power is within specs it will technically work but would not be ideal. A PID controller is more appropriate for liquid as it cycles the element on/off faster/slower so temps aren’t over/under shot.


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