Home Depot Deal of the Day: Kegorator – $299 Shipped

via Home Depot.  Today only while supplies last.  Complete Kegorator – $299 Shipped

Check it out

hereNostalgia Electrics Kegerator Beer Fridge and Dispenser, Black, KRS-2100 – $297 w/ in store pickup

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8 thoughts on “Home Depot Deal of the Day: Kegorator – $299 Shipped

  1. Dahoove

    Ok I to the bait and for it from Wal-Mart. Got it yesterday and put it together. 1st of the gas and liquid lines are not right. To small which would make a good pour hard to do. They put a spring in the tapper so it closes on it’s own which causes more resistance and adds to bad pours. The tower is not a standard size setup you can not get adapters to add taps to the tower you need to replace the tower. It’s also impossible to take apart the tapper to replace the liquid line.
    It will hold 2 cornie kegs and a C02 tank. It comes with a nice 2.5lb C02 tank a sanke coupler. I plugged it in and it set it to little below middle and the temp dropped to 38 with it being empty.
    I’m going to replace the tower with a standard 3″ two tap tower and replace all the gas and liquid lines.
    I would stay its not a perfect device out of the box but it’s a $300 device. I looked at some of the reviews and the failures seemed to more with people in warm areas like Texas. I could see this device failing in that heat if was outside or in a garage. Mine will be in a steady environment so I was more willing to take chance.

    1. Dahoove

      Apologize for the horrible wording. I wrote that on a tablet and the auto-correct and word suggestion really screwed up what I typed

  2. Andy

    I had a terrible experience with the compressor for this (purchased from Amazon)… In my opinion I would never waste the money and would build one from a better fridge for about the same money or less…

  3. RSR

    beware, also, that an earlier review indicates non-standard tap fittings connecting the lines, which could make swapping between various commercial taps and/or homebrew connections more difficult

    still on the fence with this one

  4. ASTX813

    Ditto on review fails. Three most recent reviews all point to bad build quality (temperature control and compressor failures)


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