5 Gallon Plastic Commercial Kegs – $59.99

Adventures in Homebrewing just started carrying these.  5 Gallon new commercial style pub kegs.  These use a Sanke D Style Coupler

5 Gallon Plastic Pub Keg – $59.99

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5 thoughts on “5 Gallon Plastic Commercial Kegs – $59.99

  1. Ryan Mann

    Some of the reports of the kegs exploding say the cleaning machinery was operating at proper pressures of around 30 psi…. Hardly high pressure which can easily be reached by a beer that continues to ferment in the keg. Actually I’ve had it happen a couple times where the kegs had enough pressure to open the picnic tap for me as soon as it was attached. This might be a different company and a totally different design, but that doesn’t guarantee they are any safer. I’m not suggesting not to buy them, just be mindful of the possibility for failure and be careful.

  2. Anonymous

    These incidents were all caused by using a pressurized keg washer. It pressurizes it way higher than any beer you’re going to put in there. Homebrewers don’t typically have one of those so no worries.


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