4 Quart Pitcher

Thunder Group 4.0 Quart Liquid Aluminum Measure Cup

There are several equipment purchases that I look back on and say… I’m really glad I got that, it’s made a big difference.  This pitcher, is one of those.  I went from a mish-mash of too small plastic pitchers, found around the house, that bent under the weight of wort, dripped and leached who knows what into my beer to two of these babies!  What a difference.

These sturdy pitchers hold a full gallon and are food safe at high temps.  The lip around the top minimizes drips.

I use these for vorlaufing/recirculating, topping up and transferring water, collecting wort from my mash tun, holding utensils on brew day and more.

Features: 4 Quart/1 Gallon Capacity, Heavy Duty Construction, Riveted Easy Grip Handle,  Internal and External Volume Markings,

Thunder Group 4.0 Quart Liquid Aluminum Measure Cup

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1 thought on “4 Quart Pitcher

  1. commander flatus

    these are excellent. something i never even thought i needed until i read your blog. now i use it all the time. might get a second one at some point.


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