Hands On: 2.5 Gallon Stackable Kegs!

These 2.5 gallon stackable kegs are available from Adventures in Homebrewing.  I recently purchased two of these.

I can see these being useful for the following purposes:

  • Faster keg turn around.  Believe it or not, it takes some people a while to get through a 5 gallon keg.  Using 2.5 gallon kegs frees up kegs faster and allows you to turn over beer batches and styles more quickly.
  • More beer options in about the same space.
  • Small batch brewing.  A great size if you’re doing a small batch, extract or brew in a bag (BIAB), and are shooting for 2.5 gallons or so of finished beer.  This is the perfect size for splitting a 5 gallon kit in half for small batch.
  • Portable serving.  These kegs are a great size to take along.
  • Small space kegging.  Some people just don’t have room for a full size kegging setup.

2.5 and 3 gallon kegs have been around for a long, long time.  There are two things that make these particular kegs revolutionary: 1.  The price.  The current sale price of $79 is amazing for a brand new keg and 2.  These are stackable with fittings on.  Yep, check out the pictures folks.  They stack with ball lock fittings in place.

Stacked with fittings on

 Top/side view

 Top View


 Still Stacked

 Stacked Close-up

 Stacked height is around 28 5/16″

 So you can see my stickers.  Yes, I am a grown man with a sticker collection.  
If only they were scratch and sniff.

This has 11/16th ball lock posts

 You get a good view of my favorite keg wrench here

 This uses standard universal style poppets.  I believe the posts are also standard, although I don’t know what type of threads are used.

 Unlike some smaller kegs, this uses standard ball lock size lids.  I grabbed the nearest one that I had available.  This is a fermenting lid also from AIH.

A look inside the keg

Build Quality:  These feel sturdy and look great.  I’m happy about the build quality.

Features and Design: The fact that these stack with fittings on is a key feature for these kegs.  These kegs also use standard size parts- lids, poppets, orings, gas dip tub, probably posts.  A standard dip tube could also be trimmed for use if a replacement is needed.  Standard parts are a bonus as some smaller size kegs use non-standard parts and sizes. 

Price:  It’s hard to beat the current sale price of $79 for a brand new ball lock keg.  It’s worth noting that this is currently on sale marked down from $119.

Overall:  I’m very happy to have these kegs.  I’m looking forward to using them for small batch BIAB batches that I brew, for portable serving and more.  These are a new addition to the Top Finds list.

These kegs have recently come in stock after being on pre-order for an extended period of time.  As of this writing… they are available to order and on sale.  List price is $119.  They are on sale for $79.  That’s a markdown of 34% or $40.

2.5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg New – $79

Update: check the product description to see if the current offering is stackable with fittings on.  As of this update, the price is down to $69 and the version currently offered stacks for storage, not with fittings on.

Also available in a complete kegging system…

2.5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegging System

Also available in a 5 gallon version…

5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg New – $89.99

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15 thoughts on “Hands On: 2.5 Gallon Stackable Kegs!

  1. Kirbuno

    These are also good for overflow if you brew under pressure and want to brew a full 5 gal. in a Corny keg or a full 15 gal. in a Sanke keg. This will keep your bleeder valve free from blow off gunk. Hint for those of you you who wonder about pressure fermentation. Search ‘Closed-system pressurized fermentation technique!’ in Home Brew Forums.

  2. Anonymous

    I also picked up a couple of these. One note: CHECK TO ENSURE THAT YOUR PRESSURE IS HOLDING. One of my pressure relief valves was missing the rubber washer and silly me, I didn’t check it before hooking up my gas. It wasn’t pouring out, but the seal wasn’t tight and I lost a full tank of gas before figuring out what went wrong. The guys at AIH were champions, though, and sent me the missing part. Really, really great customer service over there. I got my shipment right after Sandy hit and there were a couple SNAFUs with UPS. The AIH guys sent me an email and called me to alert me to the delays, while UPS did nothing. Can’t commend them enough.

  3. Aaron

    I ordered a pair too, my complaint is that the inside of the kegs near the handle welds is a bit rough, and those type of rough finsh can harbor bacteria / yeasts, etc. Otherwise I’d say I’m reasonably happy with them. These are also _not_ as well built as true corny kegs. I wouldn’t want to test their pressure limits.

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for the review — I’ve been looking for a small keg solution and hope this will fit the bill. Could you please let us know where they were made? I didn’t see a country of origin in the photos.

  5. Anonymous

    Are they same width as cornies? I have a 7cu GE and the 4 kegs in there are TIGHT. I’d love to add a 5th tap though. (drunken smiley face inserted here)

  6. Anonymous

    Are the ones that they are selling now the same as these? The website says that you cant stack them with the fittings on. Just curious if they do work, or if they changed their mfg process since the review.


    1. Chris Brewer

      Unfortunately, their current stock does not stock with the fittings on. My guess (hope) is that the next batch does stack with fittings on. Unfortunately, they used the same product page for this even though it’s a slightly different keg. I think this change is why the current price is $10 less than anything I’ve seen in the past.

  7. BlogMeister

    I just purchased a 2.5 gallon keg for $69 and noticed that the inside is discolored on the inner walls and floor I was told that this is due to the acid washing and will not affect the beer. Has anyone else experienced something similar with these kegs?

  8. jra146psu

    Purchased 2 of these in August. Just used first time a couple weeks ago. One came nice and shiny. One came with a small dent and ALL of the weld seams were poorly done (on the outside). The poppet on both the bev out sides were missing the o rings!!! Luckily i disassembled fully and noticed before pressure testing. Quick run to hardware store and got the o rings needed. Pressure tested good (with keg lube on all o rings). Filled and after being under 30psi for 1 night, one bev post leaked. Took apart and found the dip tube o ring had slight cut, replaced and all good. These are nice economy kegs that work, but don’t expect the best product. I will only use these as temp carry-along for camping and picnics with quick turnaround.

    1. Chris Brewer

      Sounds like you got a couple of bad kegs, my reaction to that would be to… contact AIH and give them a chance to make it right.


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