Black Friday – More Beer: 10 Gallon Tippy BrewSculpture – $2,850 Shipped

This is part of the More Beer Black Friday Sale.

3 thoughts on “Black Friday – More Beer: 10 Gallon Tippy BrewSculpture – $2,850 Shipped

  1. Anonymous

    I really dont understand the people who bitch about the deals posted on this website. All he is doing is putting all the deals he can find in one spot to make it easier for people, if you dont like that idea then find these things on your own and stop coming here.

  2. Homebrew Finds

    I think there were some good deals today. Certainly some that weren’t stellar. If you weren’t happy with what went up you should have sent in a tip. I received a single tip today and it went up.

  3. Anonymous

    The sheer number of not deals is amazing. Frankly, about 85% of what you posted today, which was little more than a cut and paste from the same two websites, was nothing even close to a deal. You might as well change the name from HomeBrewFinds to


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