STC-1000 Temperature Controller

STC-1000 Dual Stage Temperature Controller Homebrew

The STC-1000 is a very popular homebrewing temperature controller.  This is a 110v version and reads only in C.  It’s also worth noting that this is an unwired controller.

Elitech 110V All-Purpose Temperature Controller + Sensor 2 Relay Output Thermostat Stc-1000

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3 thoughts on “STC-1000 Temperature Controller

    1. Anonymous

      Agreed. This site is mostly amazon affiliate spam.

      It used to be more legit deals. I will say some of the posts are useful under the tips, but I consider this site to be mostly spam.

    2. Chris Brewer

      I probably shouldn’t have used an exclamation mark here guys… I’m sorry. This was a newer controller for me and I was happy to see it in stock and also happy that shipping was included. But.. this should have gone up either way to let homebrewers know about this option.

      Anonymous 10-16… Check out the support page for information on affiliate links. I do get a small percentage on some sites including amazon, but that’s certainly not a requirement to show up here. Shoot me a reader tip sometime.


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