Nikobrew: 25% Off 8 Varieties – And Introducing a New Variety

From Nikobrew:

Fellow Homebrewer,

For the next 2 days full pounds of the following varieties are 25% off!

Bravo $11.25 (Orginally $15)
CTZ $9.75 (Originally $13)

Falconer’s Flight $18.75 (Originally $25)

Fuggle $15 (Originally $20)

Herkules $11.25 (Originally $15)
Nugget $11.25 (Originally $15)
Styrian Golding $11.25 (Originally $15)
Super Styrian $11.25 (Originally $15)

These are all 2011 crop except for Fuggle which is 2010 though it has been stored incredibly well and is still extremely fresh.

We are also pleased and excited to announce the availability of the hop variety Polaris. This is a “brand new high alpha hop with strong, pleasant, fruity, refreshing, Gletschereisbonbon (glacier-like) notes”. We’ve also been given the descriptor of “glacier candy”. Here’s some stats:

Alpha Acids: 21.3%
Beta Acids: 5.5%
Cohumulone: 27%

Oil Content: 4.4ml/100g of dried cones (to put this into perspective Cascade is generally .7-1.4ml/100g)
Polaris Pricing: $25/lb, $14.50/8oz, $3.75/2oz

The sale ends ends Monday 10/8/12 at 12PM MST. No coupon is required.

Standard Nikobrew $5 Flat Rate Shipping applies on all domestic orders (yes Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO this means you too!). International shipping is $18 USD for 4 full pounds or 3 1/2 pounds of mixed increments and international customers must use PayPal as their payment method.

Homebrew shop owners and professional brewers: Please create an account on for your wholesale pricing. Manual account review and activation is required. Please note that due to limited availability not all varieties are available via wholesale.

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