Growler Filler (for Perlick 525 Faucets) – $9.99 Shipped

Fill growlers from the bottom up using this handy accessory for your Perlick 525 series faucet.

The seller is OntarioBeerKegs, based in Ontario, Canada.  This is a Buy It Now Ebay Deal.  OntarioBeerKegs has a 100% positive rating and shipping is free to the US.

Additional details

Growler Filler for Perlick 525SS Faucets – $9.99 Shipped

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4 thoughts on “Growler Filler (for Perlick 525 Faucets) – $9.99 Shipped

  1. Chris Banker

    Will this fit any other Perlick faucets? Does anyone know the inner diameter on their 525SS?

    I have the following faucets with the IDs noted and was wondering if any would work:
    Perlick 545PC Flow Control – 0.385 inches
    Perlick 575SS Creamer – 0.420 inches
    Perlick 425SS (removable tip) – 0.385 inches

    I contacted the seller as well, but I thought I might get a faster response here. I’ll update if I hear anything from the seller.

  2. Chris Banker

    Here’s the response I got:
    “They work for the newer 525 and 575s. Some users have reported changing the o-rings to suit others. We do not endorse that application.”

    I’ll buy one and try it out.

  3. graymoment

    So this product looks identical to the one being sold on Austin Home Brewer. There are 3 comments on that site, and all are negative, stating that it doesn’t fit correctly in the 525SS or 575SS faucets.
    Here is a link to the product:

    I own the Bowie Bottle Filler, which has the added advantage of being able to be used as a counter pressure filler. It seems people have an almost unanimous positive response to this product. I, however, don’t find it to fit perfectly, and on occasion has slipped out while filling. I might be an odd man out though, because I haven’t seen any other critical comments about it:

  4. Luke Hagenbach

    Good to hear that it’s not the same product that’s on the AHS website (due to the poor comments on that piece), and thanks for commenting here on your product. It’s a great price, considering the free shipping.


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