Digital Thermometer – $2.75 Shipped

Digital thermometer, range -58 to 572 deg F.  Auto Off.

This sells for $2.75 and includes shipping worldwide, with a few exclusions as listed in the item description.  The most noteworthy exceptions are probably Alaska and Hawaii.

Note: This ships directly from China.  How can they sell and ship this for $2.75?  I have no idea.  I’m going to buy one just to give it a try.

via Ebay.  This is a “Buy it now” from a Top Rated Ebay Seller with great feedback. 10+ are available.

EDIT: Twitter follower Mike says that he uses this thermometer and that it is relatively fast and accurate.

Instant Digital Food Probe Thermometer$2.75 $3.98 Shipped 

EDIT 2: The original auction went up to $3.98 shipped, still a great deal, but I did find another auction from the same seller.  Same thermometer for $2.85 shipped.

Instant Digital Food Probe Thermometer - $2.85 Shipped $4.98 Shipped

EDIT 3:  Here’s a third option
Instant Digital Food Probe Thermometer - $3.49 Shipped

Also consider these Top Finds:

Manufactured by ThermoWorks.  Super fast response time (5-6 seconds), Dishwasher safe & Min/Max Function.  This is my favorite brewing thermometer.

For the price, this is a great thermometer.  Waterproof, instant read, commercial quality. 

Taylor 9842 Commercial Waterproof Digital Thermometer - $12.68 + Free Shipping with $25 order

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3 thoughts on “Digital Thermometer – $2.75 Shipped

  1. graymoment

    Wow. That’s cheap. The description doesn’t give any specs on read time or what specific size battery it uses. You should post back when you get yours and share those details.

  2. ATJSparty

    I have one that looks exactly the same. Wasn’t that cheap, but didn’t ship from China, I assume someone in the US bought a bunch and is reselling them.
    Yeah, they’re cheap…on the wallet and quality. Save your money for a nicer one.

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