Commercial Quality 10 Gallon Kettle

Professional Quality, NSF Listed, 10 gallon/40 quart kettle from Winware.

  • Dimensions: 14-3/5 diameter by 14-2/5 depth
  • Designed for professional use in preparing stocks, soups, and liquids
  • Made with standard weight heavy aluminum, with a reinforced rim
  • Product gauge: 3/16 (4.0mm-4.75mm), NSF Listed
  • Cover sold separately

Winware Professional Aluminum Stock Pots 40 Qt

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One thought on “Commercial Quality 10 Gallon Kettle

  1. Patrick

    I got this pot few weeks. It’s a big and sturdy mofo, yet comes packed like a China doll. I did the passive oxide boil a few nights ago and learned that it takes a LONG time to get that much ice cold tap water up to temp, so going forward, I’ll draw fresh water hours in advance to let it come up to ambient temp before wasting propane on it.


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