BeerSmith Lite Android App Now Available in Amazon App Store

5 thoughts on “BeerSmith Lite Android App Now Available in Amazon App Store

  1. Anonymous

    I feel like Beersmith is nickel-and-diming me. He charges you $30 for Beersmith, $4 for Beersmith mobile Lite (with a higher cost for an upcoming robust app), and then a yearly subscription cost for the recipe cloud service.

    I understand it’s a business and he needs to make a profit, but it feels like a very outdated business model. It’s like software sales in the late 90’s (not to mention the user interface looks like that anyway). But look at modern business models like Spotify, Dropbox, etc. You pay once for it, or more commonly a monthly charge, and then you instantly get access to the desktop version, cloud storage, app, etc. Upgrading your account can give you access to more storage or better features.

    It feels like the brewing software niche is ready for some real competition. I really like the interface and web app style of Brewer’s Friend, but it needs a bit more customization to match the accuracy of BS like equipment profiles.

    I don’t know where I’m going with this, I just wish there were more choices on the market. Beersmith is expensive for what it is, and you get charged again every time you try to access a part of his ecosystem at every gateway. I’ll avoid this one for now and keep using various free tools like Brewaide, Brewzor Pro, and Brewing Assistant. Perhaps if I get desperate enough, I’ll throw in the towel and buy it.

    1. Chris Brewer

      Commenting on Brewer’s Friend… It’s in active development. Features are in the pipeline and showing up. I’ve chatted with the developer and some cool things are in the pipeline. The good thing about this kind of model is… you don’t need to upgrade, ever. The upgrades just show up.

    2. Anonymous

      Thanks, Chris! That’s really great to hear! I’ll keep my eye on them in the future. I still use Beersmith on my desktop due to the accuracy that I mentioned, but I have problems with the business model and the interface like I said.

      The web app interface which ties into a database is definitely the future, which is what brewer’s friend has been doing since the beginning. It’s great to see them expanding on their product so much.

  2. mors

    I like brewaide for android more than beersmith lite…for the purpose beersmith lite was designed. To take my beersmith recipes with me. Brewaide is STILL the only application for android that allows you to open bsmx files. I sync my recipes.bmsx file to dropbox…which in turn syncs to my phone. Brewaide then just opens this file and I can open any recipe that is on my computer (because they are always in sync). With the Beersmith lite app you can only get recipes from the cloud. Meaning you have to manually copy any recipe you want to look at on your phone to your cloud account…which has limited space and isn’t automated.


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