Austin Homebrew Supply: (sm)All Grain 1 Gallon Equipment Kit and Recipes

from Austin Homebrew Supply:

All Grain 1 Gallon Equipment Kit and Recipes

Our 2-stage 1 gallon kits make a great gift for new brewers with limited space. This kit is also great for larger batch brewers that want to experiment with small test batches before brewing a full batch.

This kit includes:

– 2 gallon plastic primary fermenter with a lid and stopper
– 1 gallon glass jug secondary fermenter
– 3-piece airlock
– 3 feet of siphon hose (3/8″ thin wall)
– 12″ long plastic racking cane (3/8″)
– Floating thermometer
– Cleaner/Sanitizer
– Toll-free technical support
(All Grain Equipment Kit (1 Gallon) – $32.99

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