Simple Home Brewing Recipes II Kindle Ebook


Simple Home Brewing Recipes II

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8 thoughts on “Simple Home Brewing Recipes II Kindle Ebook

    1. Chris Brewer

      I think I’m going to start adding a caveat to free kindle offers. I think there is a threshold of free copies in some cases and we buy them out quickly. Then they revert to free to borrow for kindle prime members or just the regular price.

  1. ronlennex

    You can only borrow them for free if you’re a Prime member, AND have a true Kindle device. You can’t borrow them if you’re using an Amazon app on your smart phone, or iOS device.

    1. Homebrew Finds

      That’s true for some titles. This is currently free to purchase for all regardless of prime membership or kindle ownership.

  2. Jason

    All of his other books are part of the prime library, so if you are a prime member you can borrow and read them for free.


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