Hands On Review: 11 LB Capacity Neewer Kitchen Scale

This Digital Scale has a capacity of 5 kg or around 11 lbs.  It reads in grams, lbs and ounces and offers a precision to the nearest gram.

My main concern was the accuracy of this scale.  I ran it through several variations of weighing my calibration weights.

Reading 5 grams with a 5 gram calibration weight.  It’s worth noting that this is the smallest weight I could get to register.

Reading 30 grams with a total of 30 grams of calibration weights.

Reading 99 grams with a 100 gram calibration weight.  Specifications say this scale should be within 1 gram… they’re right!

Reading 200 grams with a 200 gram calibration weight

Scale with a medium sized kitchen bowl on it.  This will definitely work for DME and specialty grains.  You could weigh out base grains in a pinch.

Stock image

I was pleasantly surprised that this scale is very accurate, within the stated specifications of 1 gram.  5 grams was the smallest weight I could get to register.  This scale will not work well for water salts.  You need a more accurate (.1 gram or better) scale for that.

I think this scale will work reasonably well for weighing… hops, DME, specialty grains.  A partial mash or all grain brewer could use it to weigh base grains in a pinch.

img_purchdateI purchased this scale in August of 2012.  As of this update (February of 2012), it’s still working great.

Leland Mini CO2 Regulator ReviewHere is a relatively recent (end of 2014) picture of the scale being used to weigh a Leland Mini CO2 Regulator for an update to a review of that regulator.

If you’re on a tight budget and need a general use scale, consider purchasing this.  I think it will serve you well.  If you’ve got some more money to spend, consider a two scale solution a higher capacity scale for grain (Consider: UltraShip 55 lb. Digital Postal Shipping & Kitchen Scale – Review) and a more precise gram scale for hops and water sales (Consider: American Weigh 100g x 0.01g Digital Scale).

Product Features

  • High precision strain gauge sensor.
  • Auto zero-auto off.
  • Capacity: About 200oz (12.5lb) / 5000g (5kg).
  • 3 different units conversion: G, LB, OZ (1000G=2.2LB=35OZ).
  • Versatile Scale Can Be Used in Kitchen, Mail Room or Office.

NEEWER High Quality Kitchen Good Helper Digital Kitchen Food Diet Postal Scale 5kg White

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