4 Ball Lock Kegs – $32.50 Each

Adventures in Homebrewing has lots of 4 used ball lock kegs for $130.  That’s a great deal!

Kegs are guaranteed to hold pressure.  

The lids on these kegs are pin lock style, meaning they do not have a manual pressure relief valve.  The do have a safety pressure relief vale.  These are the same type of lids that pin lock keg users use every day.  If you need to relieve gas pressure, just depress the gas post.

This particular stock of kegs is purportedly in great shape!

4 Ball Lock Cornelius Kegs – $130!

If you’re looking for a single keg…

Used kegs are becoming difficult to find.  This is one of the most reliable, economical sources of Cornelius kegs that I know of.  $39.99 is a great price.

Used Ball Lock Cornelius Keg – $39.99

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4 Ball Lock Kegs – $32.50 Each
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