Handle Kegerator Condensation: Eva-dry E-500


Like many of you, I use a chest freezer for chilling and serving kegs. Eva Dry Kegerator Condensation The big downside I’ve experienced is with that is… condensation.  Not just beads of water on the sides, I had pooling water in the bottom.  Not a good thing.  This varies by how often I’m in it and the weather, but the fact is, a chest freezer just isn’t designed to deal with condensation like a refrigerator is.

Enter the Eva-Dry EDV-500.  The Eva Dry contains a desiccant material that absorbs moisture.  As this material absorbs moisture it also changes color.  Dark blue means it’s dry and pink means it’s becoming saturated.  The great thing about the Eva-Dry is that the desiccant material is reusable.  The unit contains a built in heater that drives off built up moisture.  When it becomes saturated, plug it in overnight and it’s ready to go again the next day.  Mine usually lasts a couple months before needing to be regenerated.

I’ve also started using on of these to handle condensation in my fermentation deep freeze.

The Eva-Dry EDV-500 has kept my kegerator dry for years.  Check out my extensive Hands on Review including condensation trials.

Eva-dry EDV-500 Renewable Wireless Mini Dehumidifer

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5 thoughts on “Handle Kegerator Condensation: Eva-dry E-500

  1. CWalkerNC

    Just some FYI: those things generate heat when they run, which causes the fridge/freezer to run more, which results in more condensation, which cause the dehumidifier to run more, which causes the fridge/freezer to run more, which causes….

    1. Matt

      They only generate heat during the “recharge” cycle, during which you would remove it from your fridge/freezer. Depending on how much moisture is in yours, this might happen every couple of months.

  2. RSR

    After getting puddles and mold in a recently acquired chest freezer fermentation chamber, I ordered one last month at $28 (the $23 deal was out of stock). But I needed a few more for various other needs, so I jumped on this deal.

    The first unit completely fixed my condensation issue.


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