Apex Brew Wares: 4 Falconers Flight Kits On Sale and Purchases Benefit Wounded Warriors Project

From Apex Brew Wares:

Angel Flight is the official call sign given to any aircraft (usually USAF C-130s) that fly our fallen heroes that sacrificed their lives for our country. They are given top priority in US airspace and are intended to make sure our heros arrive back home with honor and dignity. I have always thought of angel flight for some reason when I see Falconers Flight hops so I have decided to make a whole series of kits that use mostly Falconers Flight and Falconers Flight 7c’s hops. $2 from each kit sold will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Foundation to help our heroes that do come home that come home injured.

Angel Flight Wheat is an unfiltered stye wheat that uses simcoe and magnum hops to bitter and then Falconers Flight 7c’s as a late addition aroma hop. Approximately 17 IBUs and 4.75% ABV

Angel Flight Blonde is a session type blonde with Falconers Flight as the bittering hop and the Falconers Flight 7c’s as the aroma hop. Approximately 27IBUs and 4.5% ABV

Angel Flight Pale Ale is going to win over you fans of the American Pale Ale using American 2-Row and Crystal Malts it is very well balanced. Falconers Flight for bittering and Falconers Flight 7c’s as the aroma hop. Approximately 45 IBU and 5.75% ABV

Angel Flight IPA is gonna knock your socks off at 7% ABv and 73 IBUs. Magnum, Cascade, Falconers Flight and Falconers Flight 7c’s round out the hops profile for this grand slam.

Use Coupon code HBAFS and you’ll receive 10% off each kit.  Discount is valid through midnight on 8/31.  Apex Brew Wares offers $7.99 flat rate shipping on most orders.


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