200 by .001 Gram Scale


This high precision scale measures to 1/100th of a gram!  This has the (in my opinion) required tare feature.

This would be great for accurately weighing hops and water salts.  I recommend using grams for hops, check out the tips page for more on that.

Product Features:


  • Weighs up to 200 grams in 0.01 gram increments
  • Large stainless steel weighing surface and easy to use 4 button operation
  • Protective cover doubles as an expansion tray
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Backed by a powerful 10 year warranty

American Weigh AC Pro 200 Digital Pocket Scale, 200 by 0.01 G

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One thought on “200 by .001 Gram Scale

  1. Unknown

    Everyone should note that the scale requires 2 calibration weights instead of just 1 that many require. I have the AWS-100 that only does 100g X .01g and it only needs one calibration weight and is a bit cheaper


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