Kegging System – $109, Save $26

Adventures in Homebrewing has their ball lock kegging system on sale for $109.  That’s a savings of $26.  This is a great deal and is on our Top Finds list.

Homebrew Kegging Setup – $135 $109

Includes a Ball Lock Keg, Dual Gauge Regulator, Disconnects, Tubing and Faucet.  

This does not include a CO2 tank.  You can add one on to your order or, pick a used one up locally, where you’re going to swap or refill it in the future.  It doesn’t make any sense to me to buy a new tank and pay to ship it, especially if you are going to swap it for a used one anyway.

Ball Lock Kegs

Adventures in Homebrewing is also one of the most reliable and economical suppliers of used ball lock kegs.  Availability of these has been scarce.  Considering picking up another to use with your kegging system.


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