Nikobrew: Amarillo, Citra and Simcoe available, Old Hop Grab Bag and Rhizomes

From Nikobrew:

Fellow Homebrewer,

This week we have a few cool things going on I wanted to let you know about.

1) I’ve put rhizomes back online again. It is late in the season and they are taking up valuable fermentation space so they’re priced at $6 in 2 packs. If you get the last one of a variety we will toss in a Cascade, Centennial or Zeus (whichever we have more of at the time) to make two. I also added JUMBO Centennial Rhizomes. These are $8.50 per 2 pack and they are HUUUUGE. We can also ship these to ALL 50 states (quarantine information has changed). They cannot be shipped internationally and you can NOT order rhizomes along with any other item (other than free shipping products) because they are shipped from another location.

Link to rhizomes:

2) We have sold out of full pounds of Citra in full pounds and they are now available in 2oz packs ($5.50/each) until they’re gone. There is a limit of 8 per person (if you order more I will edit your order and refund accordingly which may result in a delay of your order being shipped).

3) Simcoe and Amarillo are still available in full pounds ($37.50/each) and when our inventory is depleted to a certain point we will put them in 2oz packs.

4) GRAB BAGS! Over the past 3 and a half years between equipment changes and warehouse moves we have a pile of hops that for whatever reason never made it into inventory. Most of these have been stored frozen though at times some may have not been for about a week. Many of the bags have handwritten info on them (my wife used to use a sharpie to write the variety and alpha acid content on each and every pack and the ones I wrote myself look quite ugly lol) from before we started printed labels for them. Some of their seals have come apart enough that the hops move around in the bag but no hops fall out for most of them too. As long as they don’t smell like cheese you can use then but I would assume a little bit of alpha loss. There are a bunch of calculators online for figuring out how much has been lost but it’s impossible to be certain as there are so many factors involved.

Link to grab bags:

That being said Grab Bags consist of 8 2oz packs of assorted old hops. They will literally be in one huge bag that Warehouse Enforcer Scott will pull from until they are gone. When we are out of 2oz packs we will move to full pounds (there aren’t nearly as many of these).

Grab Bags – $6 while supplies last

As always these promotions qualify for $5 flat rate shipping to ALL 50 states.

Have a great weekend and we hope to see you next month at NHC! We won’t have a booth but Warehouse Enforcer Scott and I will be walking around having a great time. Wear your Nikobrew apparel and get hooked up with some cool stuff 🙂

Thank you for your support and if you have any questions, concerns, feedback, requests, or just want to say hi use our contact form. Have a great weekend!

Here is the link straight to our hops page


-Niko and Crew-

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