It’s Back: 6 Gallon Glass Carboy – $30 Shipped!

These have been out of stock for a while.  They just became available again!

23L (just over 6 gallons) glass carboy.  At $30 shipped this is a great deal!

Paklab Glass Carboy 23 Liter, 1.9-Pound Box - $30 Shipped!

This has been a Top Find for quite some time.  I own two of these myself and they are great!

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5 thoughts on “It’s Back: 6 Gallon Glass Carboy – $30 Shipped!

    1. Homebrew Finds

      I built a version of “doc’s carboy cleaner”. I use it for 5 gallon kegs, my 10 gallon cornelius keg fermenter and carboys.

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