Free Shipping on Blichmann Beer Gun

In the process of adding a tip to the Tips Page, I noticed that Adventures in Homebrewing is shipping the Blichmann Beer Gun for free.


I’ve owned and used the Blichmann Beer Gun for years.  It works great!

The Beer Gun is designed to fill bottles straight from your keg.  One handed operation.  Purges bottles with CO2 and fills them with a low foaming pour, from the bottom up.  Simple to clean and setup.  Everything that touches your beer is stainless.  Also works straight from a bottling bucket or to bottle wine.

Blichmann sales are few and far between, I don’t recall ever seeing a sale on the beer gun.  AIH has free shipping and you get the equivalent of 5% back through their rewards program.

Blichmann Beer Gun – $74.99 + Free Shipping

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