20% Off Reconditioned Pin Lock Kegs from Midwest Supplies!

Midwest Supplies will be offering a weekly deal exclusive to Homebrew Finds!

Midwest is starting off strong with a generous 20% discount on reconditioned Pin Lock Kegs!

These are cleaned and pressure tested.  Orings are inspected and replaced when necessary.  Guaranteed to hold pressure.  22″ Tall x 8.75″ diameter.

This sale is valid 4/23/2012 to 4/29/2012.

The discount is valid on up to 6 kegs.

Use Promo Code HomeBrewFind15 to get this deal.

Midwest will be offering a new deal to Homebrew Finds readers every Monday!
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6 thoughts on “20% Off Reconditioned Pin Lock Kegs from Midwest Supplies!

  1. Anonymous

    What are you guys smoking?


    $102.71 (for 2 kegs, a gas line with all connections, beer tubing, a clamp, and pin connector for beer side)

    Discount (HomeBrewFinds Discount)

    -$16.00 (for two pin-lock kegs) [$40 x 2 kegs x .20)

    Grand Total


  2. ericv

    Looks like my first comment didn’t make it,
    but is this code intended to only work on one keg?

    Given that the regular price is already more expensive than Adventures in Homebrewing ($40 vs $30), only being able to take $8 off one keg isn’t really a deal.
    Being able to apply the code to more than one keg would help, depending on individual shipping charges.



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