Hands on with the Kent Systems Soda Bottle Cap

I’ve used a Carbonator Cap for a few years now.  It works pretty well.

If you’re not familiar with this, it’s a cap that fits standard 1 and 2 liter PET Soda Bottles.  It has a gas ball lock quick disconnect on it.

The Carbonator Cap:

This comes in really hand for drawing beer off of your kegerator for easy transport.  I know some people also use this for fine tuning carbonation levels for competition.

Kent System Soda Bottle Cap:
More Beer recently introduced the Kent Soda Bottle Cap.  This accomplishes the same task as the Carbonator Cap.

I’ve had this for a while now and I wanted to give you my thoughts on it.

There are two pieces in this.  The blue quick disconnect and the white soda bottle cap.  These are available as a set and individually.

Both the cap and the quick disconnect are valved.  That means that you can disconnect this and CO2 will not leak from either piece.

The 1/4″ barb on the blue quick disconnect fit snugly into 1/4″ ID tubing.  It was snug enough that I felt like it didn’t need a clamp.  The disconnect engages and disengages easily.

The thing I like about the Kent setup the most is…. I can easily hand tighten the cap.  At least for me, the Carbonator Cap has been difficult to tighten without leaks.  I usually use channel locks to tighten it down.  It requires a lot of force to make a good seal.  I was very happy when the Kent soda bottle cap easily tightened.  Because of this alone, I will use this cap every time that it’s available in my brewery.

I am impressed with this product.

Let’s say you want to be able to transport three 1 liter bottles of beer.

Carbonator Cap
Ball Lock Quick Disconnect = $5.49
Carbonator Caps 3 x $15.95 = $47.85
Total = $53.34

Kent Systems Soda Bottle Cap
1 QD/Soda Bottle Cap Set = $9.95
2 Kent Soda Bottle Caps 2 x $4.95 = $9.90
Total = $19.85

That’s a 73% Savings!

Kent Soda Bottle Cap Benefits:

  • Provides a hand tight, leak free connection!
  • Price!  Save a Bundle!
  • This is not ball or pin lock dependent
  • Easily transport pressurized keg beer
  • Fine tune carbonation levels for competition

This is true of the whole line of Kent Systems Disconnects:

  • Extremely durable
  • Made from FDA approved, medical grade food safe plastic
  • Easy 1/4 turn design
  • Designed for up to 125 PSI
  • Food safe at boiling temps (up to 250 degrees F)
  • Single barb eliminates the need for hose clamp in most situations
  • Single hand connect and disconnect
  • Made in the USA

Full Set…
Kent Shut-Off QD Set – Soda Bottle Cap H482 – $9.95

Extra Caps…

Kent Shut-Off Male QD – Soda Bottle Cap H480 – $4.95

7 thoughts on “Hands on with the Kent Systems Soda Bottle Cap

  1. Panamint Joe

    The Kent Carbonation Cap is manufacturer’s part number 4BXP1A. Even though it isn’t listed in the Kent Volume 5 catalog, it is shown on the Kent Systems web site, http://www.kentsystems.com. The body is made of white acetal resin and the description says it comes with a white internally lubricated Buna-N o-ring. You can find it there if you search with its 4BXP1A part number or the terms “male bottle cap”.

  2. Kevin Ford

    Same here is there suppose to be a washer or something in the lid of the cap i too have tried pepsi and the 1 liter bottles from wally world and cand get it to seal. i have tried different pressures from 50 psi down to 10 and all still leak around thread is their a trick or someting im missing ?

    1. Chris Brewer

      I believe there is supposed to be a washer, but I would need to check. I don’t think there is a trick, these sealed easily for me. I would give more beer a jangle and see what they say. If you do, can you comment back here so that we know what became of it?

    2. Kevin Ford

      I went on bargain fittings.com and he told me he ships with silcone o-rings. I also contacted more beer and they said they didnt have washers.Before i tried sending it back I used a Grolsch-type washer in it and it sealed fine. Needless, to say i got a bunch from bargain fittings they were also a $1 cheaper and had o-rings.

  3. Anonymous

    Have you had any issues with the Kent bottle cap leaking? As soon as I connected this to gas I felt co2 escaping through the threads.

    1. Anonymous

      It seems it may be picky about what brand bottle you use. Inca Cola leaks like crazy. A Pepsi bottle also leaks, but just slightly. Do you have any recommended brands?


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