Complete High Flow March Pump Assembly – On Sale

This is the exact same March high flow pump that I happily use.

This package includes a stainless purge valve and a stainless restriction valve.  The purge valve allows you to quickly prime the pump.  The restriction valve is on the output side of the pump.  This allows you to control the flow rate.

This setup is nearly identical to the valve setup that I have added to my pump.  From personal experience, I recommend that you have a purge bypass valve like this.

I use my pump to recirculate/Vorlauf, transfer from my mash tun to my boil kettle and chill (very quickly) using an immersion chiller with recirculation arm.

The high flow pump and assembly are on sale right now.  Normal price is $189.95, it’s on sale for $174.95 Shipped.

March Pump Assembly H320 – $174.95 + Free Shipping

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