Midwest Supplies Groupon is Back!

It’s back!  The Midwest Groupon is available again today.

This is a very, very good deal.  A great time to encourage prospective brewers or add to your own capacity.

You get-

  • An equipment kit.  This includes a 6.5 gallon fermenter, 6.5 gallon bottling bucket, capper, racking tube, all necessary tubing, a hydrometer and more.
  • An ingredient kit.  Choice of an Irish red ale, an Autumn Amber Ale, or an Irish Stout ingredient kit.
  • Instructional DVD
  • Bottle opener
  • $25 Gift Certificate toward your next purchase!



Midwest Supplies Hardware, Kit and Gift Certificate Groupon - $64!

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3 thoughts on “Midwest Supplies Groupon is Back!

  1. Alex B.

    A friend tried getting this on Sunday, when the Groupon showed that the deal was on for another 2+ days. It wouldn’t let him buy it, so he contacted Midwest and this is the reply he got back:

    Sorry, but this deal did sell out. We will work on fulfilling those orders and see if we can have some more fun soon. Cheers, Todd J

    This is such a great deal, hopefully it’ll be back up soon for those wanting to get into this awesome hobby!

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