10 Gallon Cooler for HLT or Mash Tun

Igloo 10 Gallon Seat Top Beverage Cooler

10 Gallon Seat Top Cooler by Igloo.  UltraTherm Insulation, Impact Resistant, Reinforced Handles, Stackable.  Flat Lid is pressure fit (not threaded).  Since the lid isn’t threaded, you can fit a temperature probe underneath [See: Hands On: ChefAlarm Thermometer].

I use this same cooler for my mash tun and it has worked great for me for years.  It holds temperature very well and it has held up like a champ.  It would also make a good HLT.

If you want to convert this to a mash tun…. considertn_img_0322-300x225 this conversion kit from Brew Hardware.  Check my Review

Igloo 10 Gallon Seat Top Beverage dispenser with spigot and Cup Dispenser

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2 thoughts on “10 Gallon Cooler for HLT or Mash Tun

    1. Homebrew Finds

      You’re right about the 70 quart cooler. I posted that a while back. It’s just that the round beverage coolers sell for quite a bit more. So this is a great deal for someone looking for that style of cooler. In my opinion, this is also a better fit for someone looking to do 5 gallon batches. Less dead space to heat up and maintain.


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